Improve your Posture & Confidence with ShouldersBack - the unisex back support.

End Your Slumped Posture with Shoulders Back

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Here is a unique, discreet and comfortable back support which is improving the lives of back pain sufferers worldwide. And the benefits don't stop there. ShouldersBack (by equifit) has been proven to improve your confidence and the posture of horse riders, gym users, runners, golfers, office workers and motorists. In fact, the uses of the 'invisible' support are endless and everyday.

We were recommended in The Times! (2009)

Imagine Yourself Standing Taller!

Wearing ShouldersBack for just an hour a day will help you retrain your mind and muscles to support your back and improve your stance, helping you to stand taller. But feel free to wear it as long and as often as you like – at home over your favorite T-shirt or on the road under a suit jacket or sweater. ShouldersBack is invisible to the rest of the world. All they'll see is your good posture and the confidence that goes with it.

"No matter what you're doing, riding or socializing during the holidays, ShouldersBack will gently remind you to maintain correct, upright posture. Just put one on and you'll instantly look and feel taller.”
- Sidelines Gift Guide, 2002 - Read more testimonials »

ShouldersBack is a vest-like posture support that gently pulls your shoulders back to improve your stance. The Velcro straps make it flexible and adjustable and the state-of-the-art fabric is breathable and washable. One set of straps fastens just under the chest. The suspender straps that come diagonally across the shoulders can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension and corrective force.

shoulders back in the salon

Who is ShouldersBack for?

Pretty much anyone...

Julia Roberts wore ShouldersBack to improve her posture and bustline in the film Erin Brockovich.

Catherine Zeta Jones wears ShouldersBack to realign her spine after, and during pregnancy.

Many people wear ShouldersBack for job interviews. It is widely known that body language speaks volumes (accounting for 55% of all communication). With ShouldersBack you can immediately feel the boost in confidence, projecting a positive and assertive attitude as you sit tall with your head held high.

“Anyone who plays a musical instrument should use this excellent product. I wear my ShouldersBack between practice sessions and it helps keep my neck and shoulders in proper alignment. Any musician will be amazed at how comfortable ShouldersBack is and how much better one feels while wearing it.”
- Oleh Krysa, Concert Violinist, Professor, Eastman School of Music & the Moscow Conservatory

ShouldersBack Options

ShouldersBack is available in a range of sizes and two colours:

Available Colours: Black and White
Available Sizes: Child, Medium, Large (see below for sizing guide)


ShouldersBack is sized according to the circumference of the rib cage just below the chest. Please select your size accordingly (the majority purchased are Medium). The chest straps should fit snugly without binding. The suspender straps are adjustable to fit individual body types.

  • Child: Chest measurement 16"-22"
  • Medium: Chest measurement up to 38"
  • Large: Chest measurement over 38"


All orders inside the UK are sent express recorded delivery. Please click here to ORDER your ShouldersBack.

Instructions for use

ShouldersBack comes with full instructions for fitting and care. These steps are also outlined below:

Below: Flat diagram of ShouldersBack.
ShouldersBack layout
1. Place your ShouldersBack on a flat surface, laid out like the diagram above. The Velcro should be sewn onto the back panel on the side facing away from you.
2. Fasten the end on the upper suspender strap to the free end of the lower suspender strap. Repeat for the other suspender strap.
3. Unfasten the chest strap, leaving the ends hanging loose.
4. Put your ShouldersBack on, one arm at a time, like a vest, keeping the Velcro straps on the outside of the back panel.
5. Pull the chest straps around and fasten them at a comfortable tension and position that allows you to breathe normally. The chest strap does not have to be tight or binding for ShouldersBack to work properly.
6. Adjust the length of the suspender straps so that they gently pull your shoulders back into the correct position. Adjust the length to increase or decrease the tension to the desired corrective force.
7. Correct positioning of the suspender straps is essential to effectively using your ShouldersBack. Position the straps at an angle across the front of your shoulder.
Change the angle, moving the strap either toward or away from your chest, until the strap moves your shoulder into the desired position.
8. To remove, do not unfasten the suspender straps. Simply unfasten the chest strap, take it off like a vest, and your ShouldersBack will be ready for the next time you use it!
“I searched long and hard to find a posture brace that works for our orthopedic patients. The ShouldersBack is non-cumbersome and does an excellent job of providing additional support to soft tissue and joint dysfunctions. Thank you for designing this wonderful product!”
- Michelle Hartnett, PT, Cert. MDT

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